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Meteo Consult in Wageningen has made a Weather Forecast for us spanning the whole EuroGames Utrecht period.
Read it here...

Special Edition of Newsletter
Essay by Chris Crain
EuroGames Utrecht 2005 are honoured to welcome Chris Crain to Utrecht. In the light of his visit the executive editor of the Washington Blade wrote an essay on the EuroGames and his latest visit to Amsterdam.

Read the Essay here Opens in a new Window

Your Fairytale Comes True

Every participant will come to the EuroGames with his or her own dream. We will do the utmost to make their dreams come true, whether it is just participating in a sports event, winning or breaking records, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of a welcoming city or meeting new and old friends.

Our own dream is the integration of all the ingredients of the games: sports, culture, sexuality, the meeting of cultures. The dream to include everyone who wishes to participate, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual preference, or abilities.

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To promote the EuroGames Utrecht 2005 we have made some very fancy web banners that can be placed on other web sites.

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Keep Updated

The organization of the EuroGames Utrecht 2005 is fully on its way to June 2005. More and more information about the Games is coming available.
To keep updated we invite you to subscribe to our EuroGames Utrecht Newsletter. This way you'll be informed every time new information is available.

EuroGames logo
The EuroGames are the high-quality sports and cultural event of the Gay & Lesbian Community in Europe.
Utrecht is convinced it will meet the standards of the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation - EGLSF.

Short  Medals Table
    Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
1 the Netherlands | Nederland NED 199 139 129
2 Germany | Deutschland GER 135 185 148
3 Great Britain GBR 55 30 18
4 Switserland | Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera SUI 25 15 9
5 Austria | Österreich AUT 22 15 11
6 Hungary | Magyarország HUN 16 5 1
©copyright 2005 Stichting EuroGames Utrecht.
All rights reserved.

See the complete Medals Table of the 22 medal winning countries in 'Sports & Results' > 'Results' > 'Official Medals Table'

Important  Updates

17-09-2005 | The Final Newsletter of the EuroGames Utrecht has been publish and is online. It can be found in 'Communication' > 'Newsletter'.
09-08-2005 | The results of Ballroom Dancing Men Standard Adults are updated. See them in 'Sports & Results' > 'The Sports Results'.
01-08-2005 | All Email Addresses of the EuroGames Utrecht 2005 are replaced by ONE new address: .
21-07-2005 | The Winner of the EuroGames Utrecht Photo Competition is announced.
You can find the winning photo in 'Images' > 'Photo Contest'.
21-07-2005 | We've stoped expanding the photo galleries. There are now a staggering 690 images in the photo galleries. Time to stop adding any more.
08-07-2005 | Some of the Videos Reports have been transscipted into English or have now English subtitles. You can find the video reports in 'Images' > 'Video Gallery'.
25-06-2005 | A Video Gallery has been added to this web site with various impressions of the Games
See 'Images' > 'Video Gallery'.
25-06-2005 | Results Ballroom Dancing also online now!!
Only Ballroom Dancing was still missing in the results list. There were some problems with the files but we've fixed them. See 'Sports & Results' > 'The Sports Results'.
21-06-2005 | The Challenge Cup results are published online. To see them please go to 'Sports & Results' > 'The Sports Results'.
19-06-2005 | Most Sports Results are already online!!!
We will try to put the last results online as fast as possible. To see them please go to 'Sports & Results' > 'The Sports Results'.
17-06-2005 | The Squash Results of Day 1 are available for download. Squash Participants are invited to download it at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Squash'.
17-06-2005 | The Volleyball Tournament Timetable of Saturday 18 June is available for download. Volleyball Participants are invited to download it at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Volleyball'.
17-06-2005 | The Photo Gallery has been updated with impressions of the first Sport Competitions and opening Ceremony. See 'Images' > 'Photo Gallery'.
16-06-2005 | The Tennis Page has been updated with downloadable information. We advise Tennis Participants to take a look at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Tennis'.
13-06-2005 | The Registration System has been closed permanently.
Thank you for your registrations, and we're looking forward to welcome you in Utrecht.
12-06-2005 | The Ballroom Dancing page has been updated with the latest tournament details and downloadable documents.
We advise all Ballroom Dancing Participants to inform themselves at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Ballroom Dancing'.
11-06-2005 | Online Ticket Sale has closed. You can buy your tickets for EuroGames Parties during the Games in the Village or the Accreditation Centre. You can also visit the Pre-sale Addresses. Please see 'Culture' > 'Sale Addresses'.
09-06-2005 | The Badminton Page has been updated with the latest tournament details. We advise all Badminton Participants to take a look. Please see 'Sports & Registration' > 'Badminton'.
07-06-2005 | The Squash pools and playing times for the first matches on Friday can be downloaded on the Squash page. We advise all Squash Participants to do so. Please see 'Sports & Registration' > 'Squash'.
02-06-2005 | The location of Ballroom Dancing has changed due to an overwhelming interest in this competition. The competition will take place in sports complex De Vechtsebanen. For more information please see 'Sports & Registration' > 'Ballroom Dancing'.
02-06-2005 | The Swimming Tournament Schedules are available for download and the time table is published online. Swimming Participants are invited to download them at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Swimming'.
28-05-2005 | The Volleyball Tournament Booklet is available for download. Volleyball Participants are invited to download it at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Volleyball'.
26-05-2005 | The Programme Overview of the EuroGames Utrecht 2005 is now online. You can find, read and print it in 'Culture' > 'Programme Overview'.
27-04-2005 | Participants in the Performance Runnings can enlist in advance by email. More information can be found at 'Sports & Registration' > 'Track and Field'.
10-04-2005 | Press Accreditation has started en is open till 10 June 2005. Members of the Press are invited to apply for accreditation in the press section. It can be found in 'Communication' > 'Press'.
01-04-2005 | Overall Ticket Sale has Started! Ticket Sale for the Cultural Programme and the Parties is now open to everyone.
For more information and online sale please see 'Culture' > 'Online Ticket Sale'
01-04-2005 | Sports Registration has closed for new Participants and new Teams. It is not possible anymore to make new sports registrations.
Team Members of an already registered team can still register and join their team.
The Registration System is still open for everything else like: registration of new Visitors, ticket sale and reservations, and personal detail updates.
Please, see for more information and exceptions 'Sports & Registration' > 'Registration'
17-03-2005 | Information about the EuroGames Run 2005 has been published. It can be found in 'Sports & Registration' > 'Track and Field'.
21-01-2005 | Take a look at Utrecht now! By courtesy of the gemeente Utrecht you can use the Utrecht Web Cam on our web site. Take a look in the section 'Utrecht'.
23-11-2004 | A special Sponsors page has been added to the web site. More information can be found in 'Communication'

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