MidZomerGracht® festival

MidZomerGracht Festival

MidZomerGracht is the Utrecht gay and lesbian cultural festival, that annually takes place around 21 June: the Midsummer Night (Its name is pun for Midsummer Night and Canal). The festival is produced by De Overkant Foundation which consists only of volunteers. In June 2005 the festival will have its 9th edition.

The festival spans nine days of cultural events, workshops, talk shows, sports events and major parties in which all Utrecht gay and lesbian organisations participate. Traditionally the festival's closing night is located on and around the illuminated Medieval canal of the city centre. This well known midsummer night open air Spectacle attracts some ten thousand gay, lesbian and straight people every year from all over The Netherlands.

In 2002 MidZomerGracht received The Tolerance Award of the City of Utrecht for pursuing tolerance by bringing people together with cultural events.

MidZomerGracht festival
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